FAST Recovery Act:

Good for Business. Better for California.

Corporate fast-food franchisors will do almost anything to expand their profits—even during pandemics and economically uncertain times.

Corporations like McDonald’s have continued to make record profits while leaving the individual small businesses to take on all the responsibility.

But local California franchise owners AND workers have been hanging on together through it all. The best local fast food franchisees are high-road employers. They know their hard-working frontline employees kept the doors open during the darkest days of 2020 & 2021. They believe their workers are essential. They are committed to protecting their workers and their profits.

It’s a system designed to reward abusive practices. We can’t stop abuses through enforcement alone, we need to change the system entirely.

That’s why it’s time for franchisees and their workers to stick together and SUPPORT the FAST Recovery Act.

Don’t buy the corporate myth.


AB257: the facts

AB 257, the FAST Recovery Act, would:

* Help local franchisees secure financial resources and flexibility so they can operate safely, in compliance with health, safety, and workplace laws

* Require corporate franchisors to share legal responsibility for ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Permit local small business franchisees to file legal actions to win improvements from corporate franchisors when restrictive contract terms present a barrier to complying with health, safety and workplace laws.

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What the media is saying



Protecting Franchisees and Workers in Fast Food Work

Protecting Franchisees and Workers in Fast Food Work

“Why have existing standards so spectacularly failed to protect this vulnerable but essential workforce? The structure of the fast food industry creates significant barriers for franchise fast food restaurants to observe minimum labor and safety standards while still making a profit. Corporate franchisors have little incentive to ensure that their franchisees have the resources they need to operate safely, responsibly, and in compliance with laws meant to protect employees.”

Fisk and Reavis review AB-257 as a solution, find that the Sector Council proposed in the legislation is “well established and legally permissible,” and conclude that, “The California Legislature should enact the proposed FAST Recovery Act when it comes up for a vote in 2022.”

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“It’s time to level the playing field for small business employers who want to recruit and retain quality workers through good pay, fair work rules, safe workplaces and ongoing opportunities for growth and development(…) AB 257 would form a Fast-Food Sector Council to give small business owners in this industry a seat at the table. The Council would bring together fast-food workers, local franchisees, corporate franchisors, and public officials to develop industry standards for the fast-food sector.”

Bianca Blomquist
Senior California Policy Manager SMALL BUSINESS MAJORITY

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