• A Chicago McDonald’s employee says she and five coworkers were pressured to work after contacting the coronavirus, according to a complaint filed with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration on Friday.
  • The employee behind the complaint, Kenia Campeando, said her manager told her he will not honor two weeks’ worth of paid sick leave while she quarantines.
  • Two McDonald’s employees who sometimes worked at the restaurant have died as a result of the coronavirus, the complaint says.
  • Another employee at the same McDonald’s, Adriana Sanchez, filed an OSHA complaint on Monday saying that conditions at the restaurant pose an immediate danger to herself and other workers.
  • “We ask all of our employees to stay home when sick, and we are offering paid sick leave to those impacted by the virus,” the location’s owner, Carmen Solano-De Carrier, said in a statement.

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